Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon quizzed


The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, has been quizzed by me at her recent University of Sheffield visit on the nature by which a second independence referendum will be called.

She was speaking at the institution’s annual SPERI lecture in the Octagon Centre.

I asked: “You’ve been talking recently about getting involved in the Supreme Court case which obviously Gina Miller has just won in the High Court and the Government are going to appeal that. I am just wondering: you’ve been talking about getting involved in that, have you now decided to join that case? What’s the latest on that?

“And secondly, obviously the SNP has been talking about joining the European Union negotiations when Theresa May does invoke Article 50. If you don’t get what you want, will you then call that second independence referendum?”

She joked: “That’s not a very controversial question,” before adding: “…We will come to a final view on that [whether to join the case]. But on the second part of your question, yes I can announce tonight that the date will be… Look, I’ve been very very clear. I am a lifelong advocate of Scottish independence. I think it will be one of the best things that happens to the relationship with the rest of the UK. That will have a positive benefit for the rest of the UK.

“The morning after the EU referendum, I could have said we could have had another referendum but I decided to take a different approach…”

You can see the video of my questions by clicking here.

And members of Sheffield City Council have also been quizzed over the recent dispute over trees which has rocked the city in the past few weeks.


You can see that video by clicking here.

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