DSC_0008Below is an outline of my CV, covering all my skills and all the opportunities I have embarked on. You can obtain an electronic copy of my CV on request. I am always looking for opportunities so please don’t hesitate to contact me either via email or Twitter.


Production Journalist, ITV News Meridian (October 2017 to May 2018)

  • Awarded a place on the ITV News training scheme, based in Southampton.
  • Produce the bulletins for Good Morning Britain, lunchtime news and late news; including cutting images together and writing the copy.
  • Create articles for the website and produce social media videos; update the Twitter and Facebook accounts where necessary.
  • Attend training courses on camera work and writing.
  • Interviewed former defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon.

Reporter, JUS News (September 2016 to September 2017)

  • Produce weekly reports on ‘News Days’ considering all journalistic mediums: online, radio and television.
  • Utilise smartphone technology – including photography and videos – and update the JUS News social media feeds: Twitter and Facebook.
  • Produced an original online, radio and television report on disability hate crime in South Yorkshire, which was picked up by ITV News Calendar.
  • Produced an original television feature, investigating homophobia in football; this later won TV News Feature of the Year at the BJTC Awards 2017.

Student Blogger, The Guardian (March 2014 to February 2017)

  • Produce articles for the student section aimed at students and university life.
  • Produced three blogs in total: one which looked into the issues facing working-class students, another on skin conditions and a final one on sexuality.
  • Produced a blog which was later picked up by BBC Radio 2; I was subsequently asked to speak about it on The Jeremy Vine Show.

Station Presenter, Forge Radio (October 2016 to February 2017)

  • Present a weekly show called The Jack Gevertz Show which discusses the issues affecting students
  • Topics have included:
    • Are students who identify as right-wing becoming too scared to air their views on campus?
    • Is there a divide between international and UK students?
    • Is there a point to Freshers’ Week?

Freelance Journalist, York Mix (April 2015 to December 2016)

  • Scoops have included an exclusive interview with a man who witnessed the Tunisian terror attack, which went on to be the lead story on the Mail Online and Mirror Online.
  • Broke the story of the ‘anti-homeless’ bars in York which attracted the city’s largest ever petition and a wave of protests against the council: of particular interest, was my photo of a man sleeping through the bars which was circulated hundreds of times on social media.

Editor-in-chief, York Vision (October 2014 to April 2015)

  • Managed a team of editors and volunteers to produce a newspaper three times a term, of 48-to-56 pages in length, including a 16-page arts and entertainment pull-out.
  • Work with the managing director to sort advertising from local businesses and shops.
  • Managed the website to ensure content was up-to-date and accurate.
  • Various front page scoops, including ‘Hockey’s Darkest Moment’, made their way into national newspapers such as The Sun.

Freelance Journalist, The Independent (January 2014 to January 2015)

  • Pitched and wrote stories aimed at students, including one about a Canadian student who’d built a rollercoaster in his own back garden.
  • Utilise social media tools – such as Twitter and Reddit – to find stories to pitch.
  • Contact businesses and organisations concerned with the publication of the story to ensure fair comment.
  • Various stories produced made it on the home page of The Independent’s website.

Social Media Manager, York Vision (April 2014 to October 2014)

  • Managed the student newspaper’s social media channels: Facebook and Twitter.
  • Ensure that content was posted and up-to-date on the social media channels.
  • Consider social media photography and videos that could be used on the social media channels.

Chief News Reporter, York Vision (October 2013 to October 2014)

  • Find, pitch and write lead stories for the student newspaper’s published editions.
  • Stories found include ‘Hidden Hunger Shame’ and ‘Racial Equality Officer: Anti-Gay Bill ‘right and just”.
  • Work with national publications such as The Guardian where necessary to promote stories and encompass wider student issues such as looking into racism on campus.

News Editor, York Vision (October 2013 to February 2014)

  • Produce 10 pages of news each edition for three printed editions.
  • Ensure a team of reporters finds, sources and pitches stories on-time and are ready to be published in the edition.
  • Ensure content on the website is up-to-date and current; and update the social media channels where necessary.


2017 TV News Feature of the Year (Broadcast Journalism Training Council)

2016 Sheffield Postgraduate Scholarship (University of Sheffield)

2015 Young Reporter of the Year (O2 Media Awards: Yorkshire and The Humber)

2014 Student Journalist of the Year (National Union of Students)


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premiere Pro / Final Cut Pro


Reaper / Audacity


Twitter / Facebook / YouTube / Soundcloud / Instagram / Reddit

Photography (creating photos using mobile and DSLR)

Videography (creating packages using mobile video and DSLR video)

Freedom of Information Act

HTML (basic)

Land Registry / Company House (learning)

Shorthand (learning)

Media law and court reporting (learning)


I have appeared on the BBC on BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Sheffield and BBC Radio York. I have also done a placement at BBC Radio York and the York Press, as well as the Independent.

I have been published online on the Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph. The Daily Telegraph has also used my photos I took using a DSLR for a web story. I have also been published in print in the Independent, the Independent on Sunday and the i newspaper.


MA Broadcast Journalism, University of Sheffield (September 2016 to September 2017)

BA (Hons) Politics, University of York (September 2013 to July 2016)