The Guardian


I have so far written three pieces for The Guardian. I am a student blogger and write articles based on campus life.

I thought I’d never come out as gay – but university changed my mind

I wrote about coming out as a gay man, and how university life helped me to feel comfortable with my sexuality. I also got the experience of another student.


Working-class students: “There’s a constant feeling you don’t belong”

I wrote about me being a working class student and going to one of Britain’s prestigious academic institutions. I also got the experiences from other students.


I was asked to speak about and debate the piece on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine on 4 April 2014. You can listen to the debate below.

Learning to live with a skin condition at university

I wrote about living with an autoimmune disease whilst being at university. I wrote about its impact on the way I interact and get involved with what campus has to offer.