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I wrote for York Mix, first as an intern and then freelance journalist, from April 2015 to August 2017. I first wrote about a potential cat cafe opening in the city, and since then I have written a number of stories, of which several have been picked up by national and international news outlets.

Video: York man captures film of terror attack in Tunisia; barricades himself in hotel room

I obtained video footage and managed to speak to a local resident about a serious incident taking place in the beach resort of Sousse. The story was widely picked up by other national media outlets like the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror.

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Anger at anti-homeless bars installed on York benches

I wrote about bars which had been attached to benches in the city centre. The story prompted one of the city’s largest petitions in its history and led to a wave of protests against the council. Again, this was picked by local news outlets including the BBC.

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York’s first cat cafe planned – to let you dine alongside furry friends

I wrote a story about a cat cafe opening in the city. It was widely shared on social media, and for a long time was the site’s most-shared story ever. It was also picked up by other local news outlets and even prompted a response from a local cat sanctuary.

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You can check out my full portfolio for York Mix by clicking here.