York Vision


I have been at York Vision since joining university in October 2013. I originally started as chief news reporter and news editor before becoming social media manager and then editor-in-chief in October 2014. I stepped down from the role after being re-elected for a second term in April 2015. I now contribute on a much smaller basis. You can view my entire portfolio for York Vision by clicking here.

The stories I have covered have made local and national newspapers including The Sun and Metro. Below are the five editions I produced while editor-in-chief. You can view them all online in full by clicking here.

Edition 246 (28 October 2014)

This edition had its front page story picked up by national newspapers. It surrounded an investigation by me and my co-editor into the social media activity of a prominent campus sports club. The result of the probe was that two members had their membership to the students’ union stripped from them.


Edition 247 (18 November 2014)

This edition had its front page story picked by regional newspapers. It covered comments made by the University Registrar and Secretary which said the institution had plans to build the first nightclub on campus.


Edition 248 (13 January 2015)

This edition’s front page story focused on comments made on an old video tape by the incoming university chancellor Sir Malcolm Grant where he advocated abolishing the tuition fee cap, potentially seeing students paying more than £9,000 in tuition fees.


Edition 249 (3 February 2015)

This edition had its front page story picked up by regional newspapers. It focused on leaked information by a university official that England football manager Roy Hodgson had been signed to open the students’ union upcoming Roses sporting tournament.


Edition 250 (24 February 2015)

This edition had its front page picked up by national journalists on social media. It focused on the decision of the students’ union’s societies committee to ratify a pro-life society.